My brand new home !


I had the luck to get a place in the Retrodorm, an old nursery home and now the home of a crowd of exchange students, divided onto the three wings and their floors and in the middle of a little idyllic forest with great stone formations in the backyard and lots of parties, especially birthday parties all around, where I got a small culture shock as one, after we kidnapped him and carried him in the wrong direction, actually gifted a package of ham which was taken in happiness. Well played, these little things, that you did not know could happen.

Next to finding someone to party with it’s also easy to find people that want to do sports, which there are a big variety of available sports in all forms, mainly organized by a student organization and as cheap as it can get for a lot to do all week long. The Taekwondo trainer, a black belt with his share of funny stories to tell about tournaments around the world, is there every week to sweat and kick high and he is all out of sweat.

What else is to find here is a weekly tradition of someone burning their food and waking the whole Retrodorm from its siesta by activating the fire alarm which has to been made by a dj considering the rhythms it plays in the upper floors. Always a great get together since everyone comes down and has time to chat a bit, until the firefighter troops come and click the redeeming button.

And if there is no fire in the buildings, it was in the fingers after the greeting of the snow with a snowball fight around the dorm and a snowman that greeted students every morning with a crooked grin. And if that is not enough, going to sauna in the Student Village and swimming in the snow, making naked snow angels is one hell of an experience (in a good way).



Written by –  Till Pohland

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