Finternational stories – Difference between my home and TUAS institution (written By Hope Bowen)

In Germany, I study at Cologne Business School. It is already completely different from TUAS because CBS is in the city centre of Cologne, and there is basically everything but no peace and quiet. As I don’t study at the Turku, but Salo campus of Turku AMK I don’t have that suburban feeling here. It definitely is a nice change, because I enjoy being out in the nature. Salo is very rural but I like it that way. We still have everything we need here, and if we want to go out we can take the train or bus to Turku.

The biggest difference is probably in the system of teaching. In Cologne, I have a set schedule and spend most of my week in lessons from 9-6. It is all very theoretical, whereas my studies in Salo are the complete opposite and very practical. It takes some time to get used to the change, but that goes quite easily. We have training sessions twice a week in Salo, where we talk about topics that could improve our knowledge for projects with our coaches. Most of the training sessions the students get to choose the topic and design a session for the other students, which is a really nice change as well. Me and my friend have done two training sessions in our 4-month stay: The first was about communication skills, and the second about Event Management. I felt these topics where very appropriate, as most of our projects had something to do with planning events, and communication is something that all of need. We had had some difficulties in our student cooperative due to bad communication, so this was designed to help our company and the team spirit out. These are possibilities I would not have at CBS, but I can’t really say which way of studying I enjoy more. The theoretical is very stressful due to exams, yet practical learning also requires a lot of your time. I am very thankful to have made both experiences.


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