My life in Retrodorm


I’m an exchange student from Japan and I live in Retrodorm. The City of Turku has the privilege of welcoming exchange student to Finland and to beautiful city. There are many things to organize before we arrival to Finland and arranging accommodation is one of those things. Retrodorm is an accommodation for exchange students. The Retrodorm is situated in an excellent location, just two kilometers from the city center and two to three kilometers from the university buildings. The Retrodorm is conveniently located just few minutes away from a grocery store and bus stops. A supermarket is located less than one meters from Retrodorm, The Retrodorm is perfect for living in Turku.


However before I live in Retrodorm, actually I was really nervous. Because it is my first time to live together with people except my family. To get straight to the point, I worried too much. The persons who live in Retrodorm are very kind and nice. When we see in a sidewalk, we always say “Hi.” or ”Hey” or something greeting. Generally speaking greeting is one of the best way to get know each other face and it is a good way to get school life smoother and smoother.


In my opinion Retrodorm is the great accommodation for student from other country. It has a great location, convenient room, sweet people and so on. If I have an opportunity, I would love to recommend this lovely sweet accommodation to every student from other country who wants to lives in Turku.



Miho Kominato

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