Travelling in Finland – Tampere

I traveled Tampere in September with my friends. Tampere is a fashionable city, surrounded by forests and lakes that symbolizes Finland. It is one of the most familiar city in Finland with Japanese because Tampere has a Muumin museum. It is no exaggeration to say that Muumin is as more popular as Santa Claus for people who have been Japan for more than one year. It is one of my reason why I went to Tampere. I went on a Tampere trip for two nights and three days. During trip days we went a lot of sightseeing place.

First we went to Näsinneula Observation Tower, the peak of the highest observation tower in the Nordic countries reaches 168 meters. We could have seen breathtaking views from the observation deck but we could not because of bad weather. Unfortunately there was a rather cloudy and little bit rainy and it was not good for traveling.

Second we went to Muumin museum. It is a nontraditional museum where the original artwork of author/artist Tove Jansson, and the 3D tableaus of graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä can be displayed in a way that stimulates the senses. In total, there are nearly 400 original illustrations and about 30 tableaus on display.

Although there was a not good weather, we spent a great time in Tampere. If I have any opportunity to visit Tampere I would like to visit there again. I like Tampere!!


Written By Miho Kominato

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