Christmas party with my tutor

Christmas party was held by my tutor in their house. It is early for us. But, my tutor let me experience Finnish culture. At that time, I ate traditional Finnish meal. We ate Porkkanalaatko (this is Carrot Casserole) and Pernalaatikko (this is Potato Casserole). I have never eaten either of them, so I felt it was very fresh taste. I baked cookies. This cookie is called ginger cookies and contains ginger and cinnamon. When I made cookies, my tutor has various cookie cutter. There was an elf shaped cutter. I can’t use this cutter. I usually use like star, heart, angel and something like that in my country. This elf is the Santa Claus assistant called Tottu. Maybe, we can see the doll of torttu in K city market. I thought it was unexpected because I only thought Santa Clause and reindeer. And the famous Finnish Christmas snack is Joulutorttu. Joulu means Christmas and Touruttu means tart. Make a cut into 4 corners of the pie crust. And then, fold it like windmill, put the prune in the middle and bake in the oven. In addition, my tutor created the creative Jouluttu that is the sharp of X. I also ate and drink glogi with ginger cookies and Jouluttu. Glogi is a kind of hot wine. It includes cinnamon and is non-alcohol. Recently, you can see at supermarkets.

I learned the Finnish language from my tutor. It is Hyvää joulua! Hyvää means good and joulua means Christmas. I am happy that I can experience Christmas in Finland. In my country, we eat chiken and cake. We don’t have to eat and drink Glogi, ginger cookie and joulutorttu. So, I could touch a new culture. That’s thanks to my tutor. Thank you for inviting Christmas party. I will spend nice Christmas.


Written By Hiroshi Satake

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