Differences between TUAS and my home institution

I’ve been TUAS since end of August. For about four months, I took some classes and went to lab. Then, I felt there are a lot of things different from my home institution actually. At thins time, I’d like to introduce some of them. Firstly, classes in TUAS focused on group works and discussions. In fact, in Finnish for exchange student class, we made some groups and we practiced Finnish with group members. Furthermore, we were given assignments that we actually went to market and took some videos or pictures with group members. I was so surprised because it was first experiences that I went to somewhere with group member in class. But I think it’s very important things. Actually through the activities, I got to know other exchange students and communicated a lot. And I thought I learnt Finnish more than did it alone because we could ask someone who knows well and teach it to each other. It is very good efficient, I think. Secondly, TUAS is opened for everyone. In my home institute and other almost institute, students and teachers could come into the institute, I think. But in TUAS, there are many competitions, parties and something like that. In additional, people often come into labs as visitor tour. Actually middle school students or other students, some adults visited my lab twice or more. It’s good thing because we can show what we’re studying to other people. And it must be our motivation to studying or other activities. And school activities and sports activities were introduced in ground floor in TUAS. Through the event, I could know where and when we can play sports or we can do something. In additional, we could communicate with such people there actually. It’s also important thing, I think. Finally, we can enjoy buffet in cafeteria. At first time, I was surprised that we can choose whichever I want to eat. But there are a lot of kinds of foods every time. So, I couldn’t choose one. I had a good lunch time. In short, TUAS is so kind to all people including non-student or non-teacher more than my home institute.
Written By Shun Miura

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