The first sauna experience


I visited the sauna organised by Turun Avantouimarit ry on the weekend.

This sauna is along the sea. Speaking of Finland, I remember sauna because the sauna was introduced at the first orientation when I came to TUAS. It was especially impressive. Sauna is Finnish and is commonly called in the world. The famous Finnish sauna is Vasta. This is a bundle of white birch branches. Then, you hit Vasta on own body. Bur, this sauna doesn’t have it. My first impression of the sauna in Finland is very hot but not difficult to breathe. There are many sauna in Jpana with hot springs. However, Most of sauna in Japan is difficult to breathe. I was surprised to dive in the sea. The depth is about 2.5m and the my foot can’t reach the ground. I tried swimming, but I got up at about 5m. I had a sad experience when I dropped the key into the sea. I learned to wear the key on my foot instead of my wrist. I thought I should take sandals. The metal plate of slippers on the way to the sea from sauna is painful with bare foot. We can adjust the temperature in sauna (Only to raise temperature). The temperature was raised by to give the water for the stone. The sauna has three-tiered structure. The up stair is hot. However, we can adjust the temperature. I was able to refresh my body and to sleep at night. In a few days, because it gets dark quickly, my sleeping time is short. But the sauna made me relaxed. If you are interested in sauna, you should go the sauna with money and sandals and shampoo and swimsuit.

Written By Hiroshi Satake

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