Travelling: Tampere

I traveled to Tampere. The population is about 200,000. (The population in Turku is about 180,000) It’s a big city in Finland. But I felt like Turku street rather than Helsinki street. When I went to Tampere, I use Onnibus. Thanks to the Onnibus, I was able to go cheap. It took 2 hours from Turku to Tampere. Tampere is to the north of Turku. So, Tampere is colder than Turku. If you have the opportunity that you go to Tampere, you should wear warm cloth. There is the bus that is like foli in Tampere. We can buy 1 Day ticket. It is very convenient. When I visited there, Fish day was held in Laukontori. This event is like Fish day in Turku. I ate Finland’s famous salmon soup for the first time. It was very delicious.

On next day, I went to pyynikki observation deck. There is this observation deck on the largest esker in the world. This observation deck made from stone. We can feel history. There was no person going the observation deck. But, there were many people in the café that is under observation deck. This cafe has the famous for doughnuts. There was a lot of sugar around it and it was very sweet. I visited

Sarkaniemi amusement park. However, this amusement park was closed. But, I went to the observation deck in this amusement park. It is higher than pyynikki observation deck.

On the last day, I went to Moomin Museum. Moomin is also popular my country. There was a staff that supports Japanese. The clerk is friendly. We can get the information about Moomin in this museum on multilingual. I’d like to go to Naantali. If you are interested in Tampere, you should go Tampere.


Written by Hiroshi

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