Beautiful evenings with new friends

Having someone to share your happy and sad times is important and necessary. And we all know that one of the best things during Erasmus programme is meeting new people. And so did I. From the first day in Finland I started to get to know a lot of girls and boys from all around the world. And together we have a wonderful time here in Finland. From watching movies, cooking, having a parties, visiting different places and even studying.

We came with an idea to make a special dish from our country. Spain, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Russia, Turkey… A lot of countries, a lot of amazing evenings cooking together. But the most memorable night was when we made a real Italian pizzas. I have two Italian neighbours who were happy to share with us how to make tastiest pizzas in the world. It took a lot of time to make them but results were worth our time.( It was so good that we made pizzas after few weeks once again) pizzat


Without cooking we also travel together. One of the biggest trip was a trip to Lapland. We organised everything by ourselves and we had a wonderful time there. Arctic museum, Santa Claus village, Husky safari, sauna and snow swimming and even I had a chance to celebrate my 20th birthday there…Oh…And yes, we were lucky, we saw Northern lights. BBQ, frozen lake in the middle of nowhere and Aurora. I will never forget that night…and all week…





Text and photos: Akvile Voskaite