Student life in Turku

My student life in Turku is very nice beyond the description. Because I have never been to abroad before I came here, everything is very excited to me. There are a large number of merits as a student of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

On the plus side I can make friends from all over the world, I can go travelling to other counries of Europe easily, I can participate some interesting events, I can study something, for instance Finnish language, English conversation, and so on. Everything is good!

At first, I would like to explain about my spending time in Turku. When I came Turku first day, I went to my tutor’s house and I had an experience with Finnish sauna. After that we went to the sea near the house and we jumped into the sea over and over again. It was a good memory! Next I participated in some interesting events. For instance, Halloween party which we had to put on some strange clothes, I painted skeleton to my face. See the picture below.


I also participated in ESN Finland Pirates of the Baltic Sea.This event was really crazy. So everyone was having fun, dancing in the club, singing songs all day. After the crazy time, I hung around Stockholm. It was also nice! I want to go the Stockholm again. In December, I’m going to go to the Lapland to see the northern lights. I’m looking forward to see that! I’ll stay here until end of January, so I want to live fruitful life in Turku until I go back Japan. I’ll miss Turku.

Text and photo: Makoto Chiba