Traveling from Turku

Prior to my arrival to Turku I checked the possibilities of traveling from there. I already found out that there is a ferry going from Turku directly to Stockholm. That was definitely something I wanted to do and a city I wanted to see and travel to. Furthermore I know that Russia is close by. From everything I heard before Saint Petersburg is a very beautiful city. It is worth a trip.

These were the only two places I planned to visit during my stay. Everything beyond that would happen either spontaneously or planned while already in Turku.

Turku has a very good connection to a variety of places and it is very easy to do small trips during the weekend to many other cities and countries, not only the two already mentioned. Within Finland there a several long distance bus services existing. The best one for students is Onnibus. This is the cheapest bus there is. It connects Turku directly to Tampere and Helsinki. Other major cities are also reachable with this bus. All the tickets have a very student friendly price. Tickets to Helsinki for example which are booked a longer time in advanced can have a price from only one Euro one way.

Once in Helsinki there are several ferries departing. In only two hours the capitol of Estonia, Tallinn, is reached. There is also the ferry to Saint Petersburg leaving from here. Both cities are very beautiful and definitely worth a visit. A ferry to Stockholm is leaving from Helsinki as well. But Stockholm is reachable easier by ferry from Turku directly.

There is a low cost carrier airline which is flying from Turku to Gdansk in Poland. Flights can be as cheap as 30 Euros for a two way flight. I was not planning to visit this city at all, but because of the cheap prices and a convenient time at the end of the semester I bought tickets. It was very beautiful and they even had a small Christmas market. Christmas was really the best time for the city.

All the people who have a little bit more time should consider the other two Baltic countries as well. Riga can be reached by ferry from Stockholm only. The other possibility is to get there by bus from Tallinn. All three capitols from the Baltic countries are very well connected with long distance busses for little money.

All places I visited are very pretty. I would recommend everyone to travel as much as possible while in Finland, of course only as much as studies allows. ESN Turku offers a big amount of trips to Lapland, the Baltic cities, Russia or Stockholm. For all people who cannot attend these trips but want to travel have many chances to see new places they have never been before.

Text by Eric Anthes