Student accommodation in Turku and in Regensburg (Germany)

Student accommodation in Turku and in Regensburg (Germany)

There are some differences between the student accommodations. I live here in the Retrodorm which is an old building with five floors full of exchange students. Everybody has an own room, approximately 11qm tall. It looks the same in every room, there is the same furniture. In the room is a little bathroom with toilet and sink. One corridor divides one kitchen, one shower room and one wash room. There is also a TV room for every floor. In the kitchen are three fridges, one oven and some cupboards and shelves. There are also two tables with seats. In the shower room are two showers which can be used on time. There is a shower curtain so there can two people can take a shower privately. The wash room contains a washing machine and a dryer. The TV room is equipped with a flat screen- TV, sofas, a cupboard with books and a couch table.

In Regensburg I lived in a shared a quite new flat with two other girls. We had three rooms, kitchen and bathroom. My room was about 20qm tall, the others even bigger.  All the furniture I bought myself and set up the room on how I wanted.

It is a difference to live with two other people or with eleven other people. It starts with the use of the kitchen. Not everybody is cleaning up on time, but it does not matter that much if you are just three people.  In the Retrodorm we have a cleaning lady who is coming twice a week. We did not have it in Regensburg so I had to clean up the flat once a month. Here you only have to clean up your room. At home I did not have to wait for the washing machine or the shower because we agreed and wash for example together. In Turku it could be that at that moment the wash machine or the shower is occupied. From the Retrodorm to my University it is about 25 minutes to walk and about 30 minutes to walk to the city center. There are two bus stops and four bus lines. It is well located I think because in Germany there was just one bus stop and it was not possibly to walk to the university.

I really like the atmosphere in the Retrodorm. The people are very friendly and helpful but of course I will be happy to be back at home.

Here is a photo of my room:

Text and photo: Franziska Stöckner