Travelling and Get Finternational

Travelling on my free time

It was very inspiring. I visited countries like Sweden, Poland and Spain where I don’t even speak the language. The people was very friendly and helpful. I am totally enjoying my time in Europe.


Vimma event for Get Finternational

I spent a few hours at Vimma where I learned about fabrics and textiles and was tasked to design a shopping bad.  This was soooo much fun. Ì designed a shopping bag “ I LOVE ME” with my very own hand prints. This was a really good event! I wish there were more events like this. It tapped into my creative side.


Text and photo: Janice Grant

How Study Abroad influence my academic and personal life.

I got off on the adventure I always wanted. This trip, studying abroad in Finland, has been the fulfillment of a dream. The chance to study in a foreign country as well as travel around a continent I have never been to before has introduced me to ideas, concepts, places and people I otherwise probably would not have encountered anytime soon.

The courses I studied here introduced me to fields and analytical techniques, some of which are not covered by my course of study back in the Canada. I have learned and developed new perspectives and concepts from this experience.

The future that I hope to pursue is a bit clearer to me. However, I wouldn’t say that I found myself on my trip to Europe.  At most, this all just reminded me of what I already know about myself and gave me new perspectives to view myself. The only cliché thing that I can say about what I’ve gained from this trip is that it did broaden my horizons.

From a practical perspective, I have actually accomplished a lot here. Besides the few credits and the academic knowledge I gained along the way, some of the wishes I have crossed off my bucket list was my next biggest major accomplishment whilst here. I visited Sweden, Spain, and explored cathedrals, museum and night clubs in St. Petersburg, Russia. I am having experiences that I never would have imagined I would have had before. I spent afternoons at the Aboa Ars Nova Museum and the Handicraft Museum in Turku. I visited Turku Cathedral and Castle. I’m having a blast collecting currencies along the way. I have made memories and new friends to last me a life time.

My life has changed.  Now I have all my experiences to cherish and learn from as well as an accomplishment on my resume which demonstrates that I am capable, mature and take the initiative to relocate, adapt to a new environment, and learn from new resources.


Text and photo: Janice Grant