My day as a student in Finland

Being exchange student in Finland is sometimes really good challenge. You can say that everywhere being exchange student is challenging. Anyway I’ve been in many country, of course never as a exchange student, Finland is my first adventure like this, but my point is that I have never been in place like this.Joanna5

I study physiotherapy. The rehabilitation in Finland is in a very high level. I had a lot of opportunities to see how the health care and rehabilitation works here. It’s impressive. I have been 6 weeks in hospital working with experienced physiotherapist. Every single day was like a new challenge for me. I could work also with nurses, occupational therapist. One week I have been in daily health care where mainly attend older people after stroke or serious operation, they are after special rehabilitation and in that case need daily gym and exercises to make their life easier. It includes also mental rehabilitation. I was really surprised how nice it works, how they are grateful of this. Few days I assisted the physiotherapist who take care of people at their home. I have to say that for me it was the new view on the rehabilitation. I’m really glad that I had opportunity to be there. It was the best experience in my life as a student of physiotherapy.

Text & photo: Joanna Szadkowska

Free times activities

After my practical training me and my best friend had few days off.

We decided to take an opportunity and visit Estonia. It was just one day exploring Tallinn but really worth it!

Me and my friend had been travelling quiet a lot during last four months. Always something unexpected happened. As it turned out sometimes we have had more luck than brain – my mum used to say that. For us it made our adventures more special and we always had a reason to laugh.Joanna3

This time our travel started with problems how should we get to our bus to Helsinki. It was 5 am. We have lost our key, missed the bus, couldn’t find any taxi, generally speaking we started to think that its over… Finally taxi came and we had 3 minutes to get to city center, it seemed to be impossible so as it turned out we were late! But bus was waiting for people like us. Anyway after few hours we were in Tallinn!

Tallinn is the capital and the largest city in Estonia. We got known great guide who told us so interesting facts about Estonia. Its really good to explore the new city and get know about history at the same time. Unfortunately i have to say Estonia’s history wasn’t that colourful.

I recommend to visit that city every exchange student in Turku during their free time!

Joanna4Text & photos: Joanna Szadkowska

Traveling in Finland

Let’s go to Lapland! Kevin Kelly once said that travel is still the most intense mode of learning and I am hundred percent sure that he was right. My dream came true, really. I have been in Lapland! First of all, I want to point out that its so beautiful place. Of course I have chosen the best time to visit Lapland. I have never seen that winter in my life and I am so proud of myself that I survived anyway. Can you imagine one meter of snow and more or less -25 degree? For me it sounded crazy but honestly it was so good experience. I have to mention about our visit in Santa Clause Office. I went back to my childhood. I began to wonder – It has to be so amazing for children to be here and see that Santa really exists. I must go there with my children in future, so now it is the thing on my list “to do”.

The next day I fell in love. First time in my life I have seen reindeers. Such a beautiful animals. I took hundred photos of them. I hope it wasnt the last time I could see them. |Joanna1

Another key point to remember was one day spent in Norway. It was also so exciting for me, because I have never been before in Norway. We have done ice swimming, which was the craziest thing in my life!

Moreover we’ve visited Kemi Snow Castle, Sami church, Siida Sami Museum. We used snow shoes and what is the most important thing for every person who visit Lapland. We have seen aurora borealis. Seeing an aurora was the most beautiful moment during that adventure and it touched my heart.

Of course the main point is who you travel with. I was there with my best friend and we will keep this moment forever in our hearts.Joanna2

Text & photos: Joanna Szadkowska