It’s always fun to travel!

Whenever you visit a new country, it is always fun to travel. A few friends and me had a chance to take a ferry ride from here in Turku to go to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. But I wouldn’t consider this as a ferry ride; it was more like a short cruise! Turku has one of the biggest ports in the world, which make it a perfect spot to repair large cruise liners when they are in need of repair. It’s no wonder that they would go big on their ferry’s as well. It was a very large ship with many decks restaurants and bars. It even has its own huge theatre room.


We got to see Sweden for a day before taking the ferry back to Turku and the atmosphere of the ‘cruise’ was not the only great part, we took part in a delicious buffet that was served on the boat with amazing food ranging from shrimps, to pork shops, to steaks and many more high quality dishes. And that wasn’t even the best part! Included in the buffet was all-you-can-drink beer and wine, a bit of alcohol always make traveling just that bit more fun. After the buffet there was live music playing in the large theatre and the performers were quite talented. They played very famous songs so it almost felt like home hearing all this live music that we knew. And for all the people who enjoy their alcohol from time to time, the liquor on the boat is quite inexpensive since they become a duty-free shop once they hit international waters.

To go along with all these great feature of this ferry ride, for the price we paid, which is not very expensive, we were pleasantly surprised at the very good quality of the rooms. They were spotless and the beds were nice and comfortable.

Text and photo: Marc-André Goguen

A hockey game in Finland

During my semester here in Turku, I have had the wonderful opportunity to see Finland’s national sport. I am speaking about non other than ice hockey, the game played on a slippery sheet of ice while on skate. Here in Finland, they have one of the best hockey leagues from all across Europe, SM-Liiga. The Level of hockey here is incredible. We went to go see the TPS Turku team play versus Rauman Lukko, a team located in a city to the west called Rauma. The game itself was really good. Two of the tops teams playing against each other and putting up a total of 5 goals each. This particular game was even more special because we got to see something that doesn’t arrive very often in hockey, a shootout. To my opinion, seeing this shootout it was the most exiting part of the whole game! The home team ultimately won the game and the atmosphere in the crowd was quite amazing. Entire sections of the arena were extremely loud and very supportive of the home team.


Not only was the game good, we got to eat what is in my opinion some very delicious arena food. Sometimes all you need is a stack of hot French fries in a cold arena and it really hits the spot. Also, the arena in which they play in is sponsored by HK, a meat company here in Finland and as I was told they are famous for their delicious sausages. Well, once I tried them I was hooked for the rest of my semester here in Turku.

Then once everything was all said and done, there was plenty of buses waiting to bring back home, and on that note, Finland’s public transportation system is terrific. It is really easy to figure out and very well organized.

Text and photo: Marc-André Goguen


A taste of Finland

During my stay in Finland, I have had the opportunity to taste many different Finnish dishes, thanks in large part to some of my Finnish friends who I have gotten to know since I arrived. Before I came to Finland, I had absolutely no idea they had such delicious food. It must be a well-kept secret from here because the food here is just amazing. So many unique ways to eat even the simplest of foods, like the potato for example. I have tasted many meals with potatoes prepared as I have never seen them and it was great.

Even for special holidays like Easter for example, my Finnish friends had me taste a typical Finnish desert for this holiday called Mämmi. Served with cream and powdered sugar, this desert is very delicious. Another delicious desert I have tried was Finnish blueberry pie, which didn’t taste like the blueberry pie I have in my own country but it did not disappoint. This pie was probably my favorite dish that I have tasted here in Finland. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. (Who likes blueberries of course).


Also as most people across the world know, McDonalds is a cheep fast food place where you can get a good burger for a low cost, even though the quality of the burgers usually take a downgrade as well. In Finland, they have a fast food company that has managed to keep a worldwide giant out of town. Hesburger is the local burger shop of Finland. It has been able to keep McDonalds out of the picture for a very simple reason; they have much better food for the same price. The quality of Hesburger, even though it is a fast food shop as well is very high. Their burger, fries, nuggets and ice cream is just so much better than McDonalds. Not to mention it is also a lot less greasy.

Text and photo: Marc-André Goguen