Study in Finland in comparision with study in Germany

The study in Turku is very different in comparison to my study in Regensburg, Germany. First of all in Regensburg there is a big campus where all faculties takes place, there is one big library and one big Mensa. Here every faculty have it´s own building spread in the whole city. So when you have friends in other faculties you never see them during the school.

The next point is the studying, in Turku there are a lot of assignments during the year and then a final exam at the end of the year. In Regensburg mostly there is only one final exam at the end of the year. That has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that you can concentrate on this exam and don´t have other tasks to do, a disadvantage is that the exam count to 100 % so if you write a bad exam you fail the course.

The next difference is that here in Turku every teacher talks with you with the first name and you also talk with them with their first name. In Germany you have to talk to the professor with their full name and with the doctorate. So that was very surprising for me at the beginning of my studies.

Here in Turku the most of the students have overalls to show the others what they are study, where they are study and how long they are study (or how many parties they visited). In Germany we do not have such a tradition. I think that is a very nice idea and I will miss all the guys wearing their overalls in Germany.

As well there are also similarities in the study, e.g. the living outside of the school. Here in Turku you can go out mostly every day. That is the same in Regensburg. What we do not have in Regensburg are such good activities for exchange students. In Turku there are so many activities, e.g. the hang around Monday. That would be great if there would be a similar program for the exchange students who will come to Regensburg.


Text and photo: Marion Fischer