Curiosities of Finnish people & culture

Winter weather in December

Winter weather in December

Living in Finland might seem a bit easy because you got told that everybody is nice to you and tries to help you. The interesting part is that it counts for people who are coming from abroad. Finnish people are quite shy so they think – if a native needs help – “help will come from someone else”…

That’s what I was told so. Being shy is not the only thing which is different about the people. Although to their shyness they want to differ from each other. They want to be unique. Therefore they are changing their hair color to blue, green, grey, pink or even red. Furthermore they seem to love tattoos over everything and piercings are also very common.

Finland is also a country where fitness seems to be very important. You will find several fitness clubs in only one street and people also love to wear sportswear as “casual wear”.

Next to their alternative behavior in styling they appreciate to go into the sauna once in a while. Finnish saunas are a cultural habit where people meet and talk about their lives. Finnish saunas are from the inside completely made out of wood and its temperature is something between 80°C to 100°C.

If you think that these temperatures are as extreme as the cold weather you might get disappointed. At least until January… until then the weather is just getting colder and wetter but there is still no real winter feeling. The daylight might get reduced to six hours which is a few less than the average middle European daytime. It is a little distracting but quite interesting to experience a different climate situation. If you felling depressed because of too líttle sunlight you don’t have to worry at all. Every shop is selling Vitamin D3 pills which should act as supplement. I was told that the Finnish people are little more depressed when it is cold and dark outside. It appears Finland is more different than expected in the first place but with its different cultural treasures a real have to go 😉Welser2-1Text & photos: Michael Welser