Differences between TUAS and my home institution

Fleischmann1First of all I want to tell you where I am from – from a small University in Germany called Regensburg (if you want to look it up – it is a beautiful and young student city in the south).

In my course, I study here “International Business” and at home “European Business Studies”. Here I have to mention, my student programme is fixed. In my first year of study I couldn’t choose a lot between courses, whereas here I was able to choose the courses I was interested in, which was-  and still is – a big advantage for me.

Now, I have been studying longer than one month at TUAS and I already discovered a lot of differences between the two Universities. Here in Finland, they implemented another education system, which I can highly recommend. It implements a lot of self-studies, reading books, dealing with projects and a lot of group works and discussions. The marks are splinted so you have the chance to prove yourself in different fields like in 3 different marks e.g. Attendance, Exams and Assignments. The advantage of this system is when you are shy you can still shine in your exam or the assignment. In Regensburg I didn’t have to attend the classes and my grade only depended on the final exam during the exam week in the end of semester. A disadvantage of this, what I experienced, was the high level of stress for 9 exams during 4 weeks of exams. So far, I’, really starting to enjoy the TUAS education system because of the practical work and I can already see myself succeeding in these studies.

In total, the differences between TUAS and my home institution are sometimes big and sometimes not worth mentioning. What I want to point out here is how much I enjoyed my studying at home and I still enjoy my studying here – just in a different way. The most important point is to make friends and learn something during your journey of studying.

Text & photo: Miriam Fleischmann

Finland and Turku

First I want to introduce myself, my name is Miriam. My study programme from home, “European Business studies”, offers some cooperation cities to receive a double degree. Turku, as a city was voted very popular  by my classmates. Unfortunately not everyone of us was able to receive a space in this beautiful city, so even there you can see the popularity of Turku.

One major advantage of the city is the closeness to the sea. My first impression, when my Tutor picked me up, was the nice weather and the beautiful blue sky. This moment was in the beginning of the semester and weeks after that I still have the impression there is almost every day this cloudless blue sky which automatically transfers you in a good mood. One other aspect of the city is, that it is very clean and green and everywhere you can find nice cosy spots to enjoy the warm shafts of sun of late summer or from autumn.

The transportation system here in Turku is very good, even when I have to point out the disadvantages of the high bus prices of three euros for using the bus for 2 hours. To get a fast overview around the area of Turku you can make a quick visit at the Tourist Information to gather some information or rent a bike to ride along the river and get curious about the boats and maybe eat something in one of the Restaurants which areFleischmann2 boats, so you can have a look at the beautiful river by night. Another opportunity is to take the bike to visit the castle of Turku, or to go to Ruissalo, an island where you can go to the beach to hang out or enjoy the wilderness of the Finnish nature. Another way to explore this is to go to Vepsä. The last trip I want to recommend is to take the bus for half an hour out of the city centre and discover the nice little harbour town of Naantali. There you can discover a very old stone church, a nice beach and some cosy restaurants where you can take a nice cup of coffee and take a delicious cake.

I am just at the half of my first semester here and I have already discovered some nice places but there are much more places to explore. The most ideas you can get when you are here form people who live here and other students. The best way is to come and explore Turku by your own and make nice memories.

Text & photo: Miriam Fleischmann

Curiosities of Finnish people & Everyday life in Turku

I already heard some commentaries about the similarities of Finns and Germans, at the Get Finternational events alike when I was at home and talked to a finish friend of mine. The first impression of the habitants is for foreigners coming from southern countries often colder. Another example would be the calm style for clothing, as the type of humour – but on the other side, it can also just be stereotypes, or the fact that we both were friends.

I want to point out some curiosities I’ve experienced since coming to Finland. Once I walked abound in the city centre, at the main walking road, there was a bench where I sat down and locked at the walkers and enjoyed the sun. There I saw a woman who lost 20 euro note and another woman picked it up and recognized the person who lost it and run after the person to return it. In some other cities in Europe the finder would just keep it (like my French friend M.) – but not here, in the honest Finland.Fleischmann3

The next example I want to share is my impression that Finnish habitants don’t feel the cold. Some of the people did not even wear a coat when I already had my coat for fall and one scarf.

My next point to share is the love to milk. All the products here are quite expensive, except the milk and even for the menu in the cafeteria you will always get a glass of milk alike their “coffee”.

I wouldn’t support the stereotype that Finnish people are shy. The last time I went to a photo shop to take some pictures for a Russian Visa, the photographer started to talk to me about his experiences with Russia and finally about the second world war, the Russian economic system and Stalin. Something similar happened to me in a pharmacy; here my pharmacist talked with me about her time at school where she started German and even talked with me in some German sentences. Here we discovered she want went to the same city where I studied.

Every day I discover something new and interesting, not only about the Finnish people, but about me and how we live together and I’m highly looking forward to do this for the next 8 month of my stay.

Text & photo: Miriam Fleischmann