Travelling in Finland

One of my first trip I did in Finland was Lapland. Maybe for that reason, or because it is totally different to anything you can imagine, it has been one of my favourite trips.

It was nine days of trip, but the first and last one was spending on the bus. I thought I was going to die but, the nineteen hours of bus and cold, was worth it.

The first day, in our way to Vasatokka, we stopped in the Kemi Snowcastle and in the Santa Claus Village. The snowcastle was very nice, it’s so difficult thinking that you can build such a big castle only with ice and all the details inside it. After the castle, we arrived to the fantastic village of Santa Claus. I wished my little brothers were there. And of course, we met Santa. Finally in the night, we arrived to Vasatokka.

The second day we spent the day in the forest enjoying the snow with: snowfights, sledging…At night we tried sauna and right after we took a bath in the lake next to the sauna. We couldn’t leave Finland without doing that.

The Third day was the best, the perfect day. We went to a little village in Norway and we swam in the Artic Ocean. Then in the night we made a barbeque and finally: we saw the nothern lights. Such a magic and beautiful show. It is a must see.

The next day was a Sumi day, we saw the reindeers and the typical clothes.  The last day, in the way back, we stopped in Inari and some people did skiing and some people went to the husky safari, like me. It was amazing, the views and the husky farm. It was kind of sad because I had to say goodbye to all the people I met in this incredible trip.

Text and photo: Nazaret Muriel Cantillo



Everyday life in Turku

Since the begining of my arrival I have felt like at home, mostly because I have been sorrounded by amazing people. However, the first month was full of new things, even now I get surprised.

The first days everything was new, the courses, the people and the city. But I got used to them very quickly.

When I arrived everything was covered by snow and I come from Spain so I am not used to that scenery, I was really impressed. That was one of the first thing I had to learn: How to walk by the snow, and what was most difficult, by the slippery ice.

Snow - Copy















The next difficult thing was: Doing the shopping. Even now it is still difficult because I really like to try new things and tipical food from here, but most of the time I don’t know what I am buying, so I am carried along by the package.

 Every day I spent here, it has been enjoyed. The fact that it is my first experience abroad and by my own maybe it has made this place more special. I really like walking by the river, going to the library or doing sauna.

 I used to spend my days with my friends, visiting different bars and coffes, places from the city, like the harbor or the cathedral. I have also been in the castle. I had a lot of free time so I travelled to places like: Lapland, Tallin, Stockholm and St.Petersburg. One of my favourites days was in Ruissalo. The weather was so good and a lot of friends went there to do sauna and barbecue.

Now, my days are quite different from the begining because my clinical placement started three weeks ago. But even if I have to work from seven to three all week, I don’t want to leave Turku and sadly, my flight to go back to Spain is already booked.


Text and photo: Nazaret Muriel Cantillo