My favorite place in TUAS

After my first year as a degree student in TUAS, I think a place I used to visit frequently is the library in Lemminkäisenkatu campus. It is also the most interesting and comfortable place in my university.

I come from the smaller country in Asia. In my home country, universities usually have a small and limited library. Therefore, as for a person loving books as me, the first time of orientation day in TUAS, I was really delighted to visit the library and see a lot of books there. It is really clean, sometime silent but warm and comfortable to study and enjoy nice books. And during 8 months in university, the library hardly disappointed me when they always offered useful and good course books and online books.

Moreover, the university library becomes more amazing when it is always up-to-date with new books. They have a particular shelf named “Uusi kirjat” (New books) with a wide-range of categories. Every week when I come by library, I became so happy and excited to discover what new books students have today. The services of library provided by librarians are on good quality and fast pace.

In general, not only is the TUAS library the amazing place, but also the Turku main library with ancient architecture, University of Turku’s library with novel research books and Åbo Akademi library with a lot of branches are the most beautiful places as well in my mind. As someone told that “When I got a library card, that’s when my life began”, it’s really true to me. And I hope the Turku city government as well Turku universities will keep putting more effort and heart on the development of libraries as today.
Article 1 (2).Text and photo: Ngo Phuong