The must visit place in Finland: Mumindalen


I went to Mumindalen, the moomin world along with my friends. I was excited to go to the place as I used to see Moomin cartoon back in Nepal when I was a child. I when think about all the characters, they remind me of my childhood. The cartoon used to be telecasted every Saturday morning. I used to wake up and sit right in front of the television to watch Moomin series. I always liked the characters of the cartoon. Moomin is the main character. Moominmamma is the mother of Moomin and Moominpappa is the father of Moomin. Other characters are: Sniff, Snufkin, Hemulens, Groke and many more.

As I always wanted to visit this place, I and some of my friends decided to go to Mumindalen in our autumn break. We left our house in the afternoon to visit mumin world; which is on the island of Kailo beside the old town Naantali, near the Turku city. We met at centrum at around 12:30pm and headed towards our destination. We had so much fun on our way to Mumindalen. We clicked many pictures.

Photo Sebastian Roesch

To my surprise there was a sea on our way. We spent some time there and went to walk around the Moomin village. Unfortunately, we could not go to theatre as it was not open that day. However, we went around and saw Moominhouse and Hemuli’s house that is yellow in color and was right next to the Moominhouse. I saw the kitchen of Moominmamma, fire station, Snufkin’s camp and Moominpappa’s boat. It is a beautiful place and of course a must visit place.

Text and photo: Roshani Gyawali