Embrace nature in Finland

It is until now, only 2 weeks left before leaving, I start to record my experience in Turku. From a distant and different continent, I was curious about anything when I first came here, the food, the plant, the life style and so on. During the 3-month exploration, I became familiar with local costume and started to like living here. Here are some pictures recording my life here.

I arrived here in August. It is the most beautiful season in Turku in my eye. Apples are ripe and juicy. Local people are hanging out in the litter bar near the Aura river. Little kids are running in the park. One kind and warmhearted family sent me some apples picked up from trees in their yard, which left me deep impression on Finnish family.blog_Xinyu_Sun1 Maybe most of them are shy and reserved as the guide book said, but they are very friendly! They also brought me to the beautiful town called Naantali where I saw first hand how Finnish people entertained during weekend. I picked mushroom here, which is one of some traditional activities here. Other activities, such as sunna, boating, hiking and fishing, were all new to me. Living here gave me a golden opportunities to embrace the nature!



What is more exciting, I am really lucky to live in a natural forest. One afternoon, when I was killing time in the balcony, I saw hot-air ballon flying surrounded by the cute cloud. Another interesting thing is those shoes hanging highly on the tree. Some students even digged out the stories hiding behind it. Guess what? Hanging shoes was a sign for selling drug or a sign for gang site on old days.


Text and photos: Xinyu Sun