Turku Korean Club

Before coming to Finland, I had heard that there is a Korean club in Turku which is gathering of Finnish who is interested in Korean culture and language. As I stated in the plan for here, I decided to attend that club’s activities and help them learn Korean more. Finally, I did it during my semester in Finland. On the first meeting, we all were not so familiar and like traditional Finnish, my Finnish friends were shy and seemed to have brusque way of speaking. Moreover, everyone had difficulty to break the ice for the atmosphere. But, there is a woman who lives here and married Finnish guy. She has always tried to make our club’s mood smooth and to gather together more often. Eventually, now we are intimate and they, Finnish friends were quite big part of my Finland life. And surprisingly, there was a guy who really likes Korean ‘Taekwondo’ and is coach for Finnish member of the national team. He really loves Korean and wants to come to Korea soon and live in my country. In addition, a girl named “Erika”, she is my best Finnish friend, and she also has good ability for Korean. When I first saw them, I was really surprised at their speaking and felt thankful for their interest. They are passionate for learning Korean culture and language so that I become to feel proud of my country and to be careful to represent Korea as exchange student.

First picture is on Turku day, we saw the fireworks together in front of river Aura. At this day, we heard Turku’s simple history and became to know about this city more. And we were in HESEBURGER which is the most popular burger store among local Finnish.


Second one is on Korean Thanks giving day. In Korea, lunar Thanks giving day is the second biggest holiday, so we decided to celebrate that day. We made traditional holiday food together in student village and did Korean traditional game, playing Yut.


Last one is for Christmas, our group went to Tuuli’s cottage and made cookies and bread together.


Like this, we experienced both Korean and Finnish culture, and it was really amazing. Turku Korean club made my exchange period more richer.

Text and pictures by Yeonwoo Chae