Traveling in Finland 2

I visited Puumala September. Where and what is Puumala? Puumala is located in the Southern Savonia region. According to Wikipedia, the municipality has a population of 2,217 (31 August 2017) and covers an area of 794.50 square kilometres (306.76 sq mi) of which 443.17 km2 (171.11 sq mi) is water. The population density is 2.79 inhabitants per square kilometre (7.2/sq mi). If you go there by car, it will take six our more hours from Turku. Why are we go? Because my Finnish friend’s father has summer cottage along the Saimaa lake. Then, I was invited to visit there.
When the day of departure , I knew we went by car. Furthermore, the car was too small for five people. You know it was so hard trip, the car is very tiny and it’s a long trip. When we arrive, it already got dark. Of course we already got tired. But we had a first exiting experience, we took a boat to go to cottage. It was so fun, it was pretty cold, though. After that, we had a dinner together and prepared for sleeping. Then, we had a second exiting experience. We could enjoy open-air bath and try jumping into the lake. We could drink a lot of beer in the bath and we could experience like Finnish culture, I think. The second day, we tried to handle the boat. It was first experience for us. I felt it’s a little bit difficult than it looks. Some of us couldn’t handle the boat actually. But I think it was rare experience. After that, we harvested many vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries. And we cooked some Finnish foods with them. Of course it was so tasty. But I couldn’t eat porridge that was like oatmeal. I tried, but I couldn’t. And we tried meets of deer as well. I felt it was like beef, it was so nice. We spent only a night, but we experienced a lot. When the way to the cottage, I regretted that I joined them. But after finish everything, I thought I’d like to visit again. Thank you friends and friend’s father, thank you for inviting me.
Written By Shun Miura

Traveling in Finland

I visited Tampere that located between two lakes; Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, with my friends. According to Wikipedia, Tampere is the second-largest urban area and third most-populous individual municipality in Finland, after Helsinki and Espoo municipalities. It’s also the most populous Finnish city outside the Greater Helsinki area and a major urban, economic, and cultural hub for central Finland.

We visited the city from end of September to October 2nd, it was just held Tampere Day. There are many shops and a lot of foods, clothes, goods and accessories were sold. Finland is about Salmon soup for me, so we tried it. We felt it was more tasty because the day was pretty cold. Then, we bought honeys. We could try honeys in the shop, so we tried a lot and bought a lot. I thought it was cheaper that we bought in my country. And then, I bought socks as well because I thought that if I wear it, I must get warm. The thought is still correct, I think. It was good and rare experience for us because we’ve never seen such stores in our country.

I think Finland is about Moomin as well. So, we visited Moomin museum. When we get there, we were surprised that there are a lot of guidances even for our country. Therefore we could experience Moomin world and Moomin culture in our mother tongue. Because that, we could enjoy more, I think. I the museum, many original paintings were displayed. And, a lot of Moomin goods and accessories were sold in the shop of the museum. We bought a lot as souvenir and gift for friends.

But I think most fun thing is night in the hostel. In the hostel, many candies, snacks and drinks are available for free. We enjoyed them with beers and talked all night. The room we stayed is for four persons. This means the room is only for us. I don’t know why, but I got excited. I hope we’ll stay the hostel again.

We really hope go to Tampere again when it’s warm days.

Written By Shun Miura

Travelling in Finland – Tampere

I traveled Tampere in September with my friends. Tampere is a fashionable city, surrounded by forests and lakes that symbolizes Finland. It is one of the most familiar city in Finland with Japanese because Tampere has a Muumin museum. It is no exaggeration to say that Muumin is as more popular as Santa Claus for people who have been Japan for more than one year. It is one of my reason why I went to Tampere. I went on a Tampere trip for two nights and three days. During trip days we went a lot of sightseeing place.

First we went to Näsinneula Observation Tower, the peak of the highest observation tower in the Nordic countries reaches 168 meters. We could have seen breathtaking views from the observation deck but we could not because of bad weather. Unfortunately there was a rather cloudy and little bit rainy and it was not good for traveling.

Second we went to Muumin museum. It is a nontraditional museum where the original artwork of author/artist Tove Jansson, and the 3D tableaus of graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä can be displayed in a way that stimulates the senses. In total, there are nearly 400 original illustrations and about 30 tableaus on display.

Although there was a not good weather, we spent a great time in Tampere. If I have any opportunity to visit Tampere I would like to visit there again. I like Tampere!!


Written By Miho Kominato

Get Finternational course

I joined to a lot of Get Finternational events and every event was very exciting and interesting for me. One of my most favorite event is “visit Christmas market at the old great square”. In the event we visited the Christmas market in Turku and wrote a report about it, what we had saw, what had been new or interesting or surprising to us.

That was my first time to visit a Christmas market in my life. Everything was so lovely and traditional. I bought a blue with white candle, honey, crape came with cream and jam, and a cup of coffee. I really love it. I wish my hometown will held a Christmas market in soon future.


The thing I most enjoyed in the event is taking a photo with Santa Claus and his wife. I went to see them and set between them. I was little embarrassed but it is a great memory for me. I am sure that Santa Claus is the most famous person in Finland and I am really happy to meet with the man and one of my unforgettable experience.


In the event I was able to experience Christmas market, and next I would like to experience traditional Finnish Christmas. For instance meal, dessert, decoration, words, and so on. I have drunk a traditional Finnish drink “Glogi” in another Get Finternational event. It is very tasty and I bought some bottle of it. I will try to ask my tutor (she is Finnish) to what could I challenge about Christmas things. If it is possible I would love to do something about traditional Finnish Christmas!


Miho Kominato

Finternational Stories – A trip to the heart of Finland


I’m speaking about nothing else than Lapland of course, the glorious area in the north of Finland. Before I came to Finland, I was already sure that I would visit the “winter wonderland”. The goal is to achieve the most Finnish activities you can do in the country.

Unfortunately, the bus trip from the south to the north was about 14h driving, but it was worth the experience for sure. You could spend the driving time with sleeping, talking or wasting time on smartphone. The first bus stop in this travel was the Ranua zoo, which was also the first time I saw that much snow in Finland. The zoo had several northern animals, like polar bears and mooses, which weren’t as afraid of the cold as me.

After the arrival in Levi, a part of Sirkka, we received a comfortable cottage for ten people, with an own kitchen and even a dishwasher! It was really fun to cook with the whole cottage, even if you didn’t know all before, you are growing together through the week.

The activities usually were about a few hours outside and considered everything you can imagine about fun in Nordic culture. I didn’t book the snowmobile ride, which should be recommendable. Nevertheless, I had my fun with the reindeer sledge ride, which let me feel like Santa himself and of course the outstanding Husky sledge. The huskies were my favorite adventure in Lapland, because I mean, when do you can get carried by cute dogs in a warm sledge?

Finally, after a snow shoe walk and a visit at Norway’s arctic ocean it was already time to leave this magic place. I didn’t see the Northern Lights due the large amount of clouds at my visit, but I made a lot of other nice experiences which made the trip worth.(written by Marco Struppek)