A story of a Master’s Degree student who left her heart in Greenland

I have been part of the Nordplus Horizontal CEE Green Actions project since January 2018. As a part of this project and my studies, we were in Greenland 12.-19.10.2018 and in Iceland 19.-20.10.2018. I am studying Master’s Degree in Applying Arts in Turku University of Applied Science an this project and journey will be my Optional Studies, 10 op (course credit). Besides the project work and its’ schedule, I also did a workshop in Greenland National Theatre 15.-17.10.2018.

We arrived to Greenland’s capital city Nuuk on Friday 12.10.2018. We spent the whole weekend by investigating the city and also getting familiar to the culture, for example we visited on the National Museum. On Sunday 14.10.2018 we had the first meeting with the people from project Nordplus Horizontal CEE Green Actions, “Meet and Greet” in the University of Greenland. After 2,5 hours conversation we headed to the Outervision Dance festival to see two Dance Performance. Seeing Greenlandic people and culture make me do some changes for my workshop schedule – so it were really good thing that we had two days for “landing”.

The official days on the project Nordplus Horizontal CEE Green Actions were 15.-17.10.2018 and those three days were very well scheduled – and of course we met on our free time. I had my workshop in the Greenland National Theatre at the same days, each day 9.00-10.30 am. So after the classes I joined with the project schedule.

Short description for the workshop The Inner Element:
“In The Inner Element workshop we are investigating the four basic elements: fire, water, air and earth. The workshops method are physical-visual performance art: we are doing the investigation through and with our inner images, physical acts and with the surrounding. In the workshop we are waking the elements alive through our bodies using different speeds, levels and also with different materials. In the investigation we are trying to recognize does the basic elements and their echo have an impact to our daily lives: the impact as person in individual or to the whole picture. In The Inner Element workshop we work as individuals, in pairs, in groups and with the whole group.”

Nunatta Isiginnaartitsinermik Ilinniarfia – The National Theatre of Greenland, Theatre School. The Inner Element Workshop, me and the students

All together, Nordplus Horizontal CEE Green Actions project has really made enormous impression to me. In a year I have been really lucky to meet different people from various cultures, hearing outstanding innovations with education and art. I have learnt, seen and felt so many things, that this blog post could never tell the reality. I am really grateful from this opportunity and I really recommend to everyone, especially to our Master’s Degree students, to look up for Turku AMK projects! In Master’s Degree studies it is also possible to do for example short exchange or project abroad – keep your eyes open!

Greenland made really huge and all-encompassing effect for me: the people, culture, nature… everything! I felt Greenland more than home and I am sure, that this is just a beginning for something bigger – to a life-long journey.

About Creative Environmental Education / CEE Network: Green Actions:

“Innovative creative educational methods for environmental awareness and sustainability The circumpolar wide Creative Environmental Education / CEE Network is an educational platform that engages and empowers primary school pupils (6 – 12 years old) towards environmental consciousness and sustainability through innovative methods. The CEE Network focuses upon the holistic co-designed/collaborative development of the arts (visual arts, dance, and music) and environmental studies towards interdisciplinary curricula / pedagogical teaching methods for elementary/primary school level environmental education. This project is initiated by the Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences/TUAS, Turku, Finland. ”

(Read more about the project: https://www.turkuamk.fi/fi/tutkimus-kehitys-ja-innovaatiot/hae-projekteja/creative-environmental-education-cee-network-green/)

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